Divergent review

I went and saw Divergent a couple days ago and I have to say it was good, long but good. I haven’t read the books yet and had pretty low expectations of the movie because of the last few novel to movie let downs (beautiful creatures, Mortal Instruments).

A few thoughts of mine:

I didn’t care for Shailene Woodley as Tris, she just didn’t fit the character (it’s hard for me to explain, but she just wasn’t believable as the character); however she blew it out of the water in the scene where her mom dies. That girl can make you cry with intense scenes like that.

I thought Theo James did a great job as Four. I believed him as that character (make sense?). I just wish he wasn’t scowling in every scene, you know, show a little more emotion man ;)

The relationship between Tris and Four came out of nowhere. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t feel the chemistry between the characters. There wasn’t enough build up…I guess.

I was constantly mistaking the actors that played Will and Al for one another. I think it was them. The dirty blondes, yeah Will and Al.

Loved Jai Courtney as Eric and Zoe Kravitz as Christina.

Did anyone else catch Veronica Roth in the zip line scene?

Oh, one last tiny thing that bugged me, it’s trivial but, what the heck, everyone used the same knife to slice themselves to choose a faction. Seriously!

All in all, I enjoyed the movie and I am starting, Divergent the book tonight.